What Are Some Common Injuries in Las Vegas I Could Receive Compensation For?

Statistics on personal injuries, of course, change every year. However, in a vibrant, exciting city like Las Vegas, some personal injuries occur more than others.

Every year in the U.S., over 9 million people are injured due to another’s negligence and usually must file lawsuits to get the compensation they deserve.

In a bustling and attraction-filled city like Las Vegas, these unexpected injuries can inflict debilitating financial and emotional hardships in myriad ways on you and your family.

However, you must realize that if your injury were due to another’s negligence, you can, with the right personal injury lawyer, receive compensation to get your life back on track by utilizing this financial help when needed.

Accidents occur in numerous and varied ways, but usually in a tourist-prone city; they fall into five primary types, these are:

1-Car accidents – If you’re involved in any kind of motor vehicle accident, and you were not the cause of this mishap, then you commonly may be able to receive compensation for:

  • Unexpected medical bills, recovery costs, and more.
  • Lost wages if you miss work.
  • Pain and suffering due to your physical or mental damage. Damage to your vehicle.
  • Damaged personal items or equipment and much more.

2-Medical Malpractice – If you’ve been put in a situation where you’ve been harmed by a medical professional’s negligence or failure to take reasonable care, such as:

  • Failure to treat you at all.
  • Incorrect treatment or misdiagnosis.
  • Surgical errors made during an operation.
  • Given improper meds.
  • Referral or follow-up errors, etc.

3-Slip and fall accidents – Whether it’s private or public property, you could receive compensation for your injuries while on (or in):

  • Sidewalks & parking lots.
  • Construction sites.
  • In restaurants, grocery stores, malls, hotels, etc.
  • Escalators, elevators, and stairs.

Slip and fall accidents happen very quickly and possibly everywhere you go. Also, they can inflict significant trauma, such as TBI (traumatic brain injury).

4-Product liability claims – Injuries suffered due to defective products, improper warnings or instructions, etc., may also award you damages.

  • Product liability claims include:
  • Defective design or manufacturing
  • Missing safeguard
  • Hidden defects
  • Malfunctions, and many more.

5-Workplace accidents – If you are injured at work, you may receive compensation through a worker’s compensation claim. Some workplace injuries may include claims beyond workers compensation if third parties are involved, such as product defects including:

  • Defective design or manufacturing
  • Missing safeguards
  • Defects in equipment.
  • Malfunctions of equipment, and more.

The above is only a partial list; however, if you have been injured in Las Vegas, consulting with a professional, local, personal injury law team will allow you to get the correct legal facts you need and possibly obtain needed compensation for your recovery, medical bills and much more.

I’ve Been Injured While in Las Vegas, and Not At Fault, What Should I Do First?

First and most importantly, get the medical help you need at once. This is critical to your health, of course, but also to gathering necessary and valid information should you decide to file a lawsuit or claim.

Then, as soon as possible, call a professional, experienced Las Vegas personal injury lawyer for an initial consultation or case evaluation.

During your case evaluation, your thorough and knowledgeable lawyer will analyze your case and work together with you to determine your legally appropriate next steps.

During this initial case evaluation, your personal injury lawyer, versed in these claims, will learn more about the facts surrounding your case and determine if your case should be pursued and won.

Any information you have, such as medical records, photos of the scene, witnesses, etc., should be presented to your lawyer. Then, If your law team feels that you were unduly injured and negligence occurred, you can work together to move forward aggressively with your claim.

If I’m Visiting Las Vegas, Do I Need to File My Personal Injury Lawsuit There?

The simple answer here is yes, you do, and sound legal reasons exist. So, if you are injured due to another’s negligence in Las Vegas, you must file your lawsuit in Nevada.

There are numerous, sound legal reasons for this, but one is that any personal injury lawyer in your home state won’t be familiar with Nevada’s personal injury statutes and legalities and may not be licensed in Nevada.

Conversely, your Las Vegas personal lawyer is familiar with all of Nevada’s personal injury laws and, with that knowledge, will have the best chance of obtaining the best outcome for you and your family.

All personal injury cases are complex, and your medical bills, lost wages, and recovery expenses continue to mount into the thousands of dollars. You need the aggressive and professional legal help of your Las Vegas personal injury lawyer to obtain the fair and total compensation you and your family deserve.

What Can I Do To Maximize My Chances of Winning My Claim?

If you, and your lawyer, decide to file a personal injury claim, you must do everything possible to win your case and maximize your compensation. Getting all the details about your case will help immensely in this legal battle.

What you do right after your injury matters, and there are specific things you can do to help win your case. Your experienced personal injury law team will explain that having a thorough understanding of what’s in your control can help you get the maximum amount possible.

Simply, here are ten ways to help win and maximize your compensation:

  1.  Preserve all the evidence you can – The more solid evidence you have, the greater the chance of winning your claim.
  2.  Obtain medical treatment – If unsure of your injuries, get medical help quickly. Also, keep all medical records, diagnoses, etc.
  3.  Ensure your case is fully valued – Ensure all details are included in the calculations of how much compensation is needed.
  4.  Don’t be eager or rushed – Gather the facts, but let your lawyer draft the timeline. Don’t give in to any “first offers.”
  5.  Be ready to explain why the offer isn’t adequate.
  6.  Don’t leave out potential future damages – It’s critical not to forget your future recovery and costs.
  7.  Build your case on a solid foundation – Methodically draft your case and be ready for trial if needed.
  8.  Don’t hesitate to file when ready – Time is never on your side; as soon as ready, file your case.
  9.  Stay off social media – Social media is not your friend in a lawsuit, so stay off it and don’t ever discuss your claim.
  10.  Select the right law team – This is crucial, so always work with a law team that will thoroughly, empathetically, and aggressively fight for your rights.

I’ve Been Injured in Las Vegas; How Should I Proceed?

Accidents happen in Las Vegas daily, and many inflict great harm on you or a family member. Your medical costs, lost wages, recovery costs, and more can amount to thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars.

Obtain a complete case evaluation with a local, winning Las Vegas car accident law team as soon as possible. Evidence disappears, witnesses, move on, and time is not on your side.

The local personal injury lawyers at Precision Injury Law have successfully helped visitors, and Las Vegas residents obtain the compensation they need to thrive. Call them today at (702) 425-8880, and they will fight tirelessly for you, your family, and your future.