All taxicab companies in Las Vegas must carry insurance in case any of their cars are in an accident. The usual coverage required is $250,000 of insurance per person for bodily injury, $500,000 total for bodily injury, and $50,000 in property damage.

In most cases, the at-fault driver would be responsible for the damages. So, if the taxicab driver causes the accident, they normally would have to pay for your damages if you’re a passenger in their taxi or even if you’re in the other vehicle.

Be aware, however, that most taxicab companies do not need to carry insurance for uninsured or underinsured motorists. So, if you’re the passenger in the taxicab and the other driver is at fault, the taxicab companies’ insurance may not cover your losses. Most rideshare companies, however, such as Uber and Lyft do carry or offer this insurance.

If the other driver in the accident is at fault, you normally would recover from the at-fault driver or be forced to use your coverage and determine if it applies to your case. Also, It’s vital to note that the comparative negligence laws still may apply. You will still usually receive funds from the taxi company for at least some of your losses if both the taxi driver and the other driver contributed to the accident.

In many taxicab accidents, it’s been proven that in many instances, the driver of the taxicab is at fault, but in numerous cases, the taxicab company can also be liable, and held accountable for your injuries and be sued for substantial compensation.

Consulting with an experienced, and qualified, Las Vegas taxicab accident attorney will give you the best chance of using all the pertinent facts in your case to obtain the compensation you need and are entitled to. Your taxicab accident lawyer will determine just how all the laws apply to you and formulate a plan for your successful and full recovery.

How Can the Taxicab Company Share Fault and Negligence in my Accident Case?

One of the main reasons taxicab companies usually are at fault in your taxicab accident involves the manner that they care for their vehicles. If your taxicab driver isn’t the cause of the crash, there are many other ways that the taxicab company may have been negligent and will make them legally responsible for your injuries and compensation.

Taxi drivers, and the companies they work for, have strict Nevada State requirements as to how they must properly service their vehicles and prepare them for public service.

These rules outline that they must do all the following before putting a vehicle into service:

  • Assess the steering mechanics of the vehicle and that it works properly.
  • Look for loose bolts and other loose parts.
  • Fix broken hinges or door latches.
  • Ensure being able to open and close the doors.
  • Keep any advertising from distracting the driver.
  • Check for damage or cracks in the windows.
  • Make sure brakes and horns are operational.
  • Check the integrity of the exhaust system.
  • Check for and use good tires.
  • Clean the interior of the vehicle thoroughly.
  • Make sure all the turn signals work.
  • Comply with all federal and state air pollution requirements.

The taxi company must comply with all these items or, they could be held complicit in your injuries even if their driver didn’t cause the crash. Your personal injury lawyer could use the argument that your injuries were made worse since they didn’t care for their vehicle properly. Your taxicab accident lawyer knows these rules and will point out which may apply to you.

Can The Taxicab Companies Hiring Practices Affect My Accident Case?

The simple answer is yes. The taxicab company may be held legally liable for your injuries if details of their negligent hiring are exposed. Taxicab drivers are employed by the taxicab company they drive for, and unlike some “ride-share” companies are not independent contractors. This means that the taxicab company must investigate and hire qualified drivers only. The companies must perform background checks on the drivers, which will include their driving records, and ensure they have a medical checkup and valid drivers’ license.

If these companies hire drivers that have a history of unsafe driving, or accidents, or if they employ a driver who even may show warning signs, then they could be liable for negligent hiring practices. This is especially true if the accident, and your injuries, are the fault of the driver. Your taxicab accident lawyer may evaluate the background and actions of the driver to determine whether the company acted negligently by hiring them.

Is Nevada and At-Fault State, and How Does This Affect My Taxicab Accident Case?

Nevada is an at-fault (or Tort) state, which legally translates that the responsible party covers your costs, damages, and injuries. All faults must be proven for accidents, with the at-fault party’s insurance company covering all the damages, medical bills, lost wages, and much more. Most states follow at-fault laws, but some have modified no-fault provisions to these laws. So, proving fault becomes particularly important to any case, including your taxicab accident claim.

Nevada, and Las Vegas laws, make proof of fault in your accident vital to your damage claims and make the importance of having a reputable personal injury taxicab accident lawyer paramount! The at-fault party’s insurance company will always seek to limit your claim amounts and attempt to move some of the blame for the accident to another. They also will usually propose highly insufficient settlements and compensation.

Remember that your professional taxicab accident lawyer will be able to evaluate compensation, push for your fair settlement, and always work on behalf of you, and your family. Also vital, is that Nevada’s tort laws allow additional compensation from the at-fault driver (or their company) for further damages including pain and suffering which could go far beyond the usual scope of common insurance coverage.

I Have Been Injured In a Taxicab Accident; How Should I Proceed?

Legally navigating taxicab accidents can be extraordinarily complex and require evidence, witness testimony, and multiple insurance companies and suits. At the same time, you could be severely injured, and need to recover and keep your and your families’ finances on track.

Consulting with a professional, and empathetic taxicab accident lawyer is the first and positive move you can make in getting compensation, and justice, for the injuries you have incurred.

Consult with the experts at the Las Vegas firm of Precision Injury Law as soon as you can, and get the compensation you are entitled to, for your recovery and your financial stability during this trying time.