What Are Some “Rules Of The Road” for Motorcycles in Nevada?

As a motorcycle rider, you love to ride your bike but must be aware that certain operating rules are specific to safely riding them, which are required by law.

For example, as a motorcyclist in Nevada, you must wear a helmet while operating your bike. Also, protective face shields (or goggles) are always required unless your motorcycle is equipped with a windshield or screen.

When it comes to driving safely, and within the law, motorcyclists have the right to use a complete traffic lane, and they legally cannot pass or ride next to another vehicle in the same traffic lane.

Most motorcycles are much more maneuverable and faster than most cars, and some enthusiasts love to drive down the middle of the road between the traffic lanes. This type of riding is known as “lane splitting” and is illegal in all of Nevada.

There are few states where “lane splitting” is legal, but Nevada is not one of them. Even in California, when splitting lanes on your bike is legal, you should not ride the white line faster than 10 mph above the speed of surrounding traffic.

“Lane splitting” is under some scrutiny, however, for some data suggests that lane-splitting (if done correctly) can make motorcycle riding safer. In a relatively recent study, researchers found that motorcyclists were far less likely to be struck from behind and had a lower risk of catastrophic injuries due to lane-splitting.

In Las Vegas and throughout the state, you must drive any type of vehicle within the lines defining your specific lane.

However, as a motorcycle rider, you must always be aware of the “rules of the road” in the state where you drive. Suppose you get stopped or have an accident while lane splitting in Nevada. In that case, the consequences may be severe, and you should consult a professional Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Is “Lane Filtering” the same as “Lane Splitting?”

As stated, “lane splitting” and other motorcycle operating rules are constantly being discussed and updated state-by-state.

For example, a new law in Arizona allows you (as the motorcycle driver) to “lane filter,” which is not the same as “lane splitting.” Two-wheeled bikes may now pass other stopped vehicles going in the same direction, but only under specific conditions, such as:

  • Only where the posted speed limit does not exceed 45 miles per hour.
  • Your motorcycle is not traveling faster than 15 miles per hour when lane filtering.
  • Specifically when surrounding vehicles are stopped.
  • The roadway is divided into at least two adjacent lanes in the same direction of travel.

So, although lane splitting or lane filtering is not currently legal in Nevada, laws such as these may change.

If you love to ride your bike, you must do it safely and legally and always keep up with the changing road rules for your state. The best way to do this is to consult a Las Vegas motorcycle lawyer and always know and be aware of the current motorcycle driving laws.

What Penalties Can I Receive For “Land Splitting in Nevada?

“Lane splitting” while driving your bike in Nevada can impose severe and expensive penalties on you as the driver. Because it’s viewed as a possible severe road hazard, these lane-splitting laws are strictly enforced. If you’re riding your motorcycle down the “center line” and slipping by large moving vehicles, you may get a $190 fine or more. If you repeatedly practice “lane splitting,” you could (and many riders do) lose your motorcycle license!

What May Occur If I Have an Accident While “Lane Splitting?”

If you cause or even are the victim of an accident while lane splitting in Nevada, it’s always a challenging legal matter. Remember that lane splitting is still considered dangerous and may increase your chances of having or causing an accident.

Also, depending on the circumstances involved, multiple parties could be involved in a lane-splitting mishap. For example, the car’s driver that moved into your motorcycle’s path could have prevented the accident by looking before changing lanes.

All motorists (including motorcycle drivers) are responsible for ensuring their lane changes are safe. It also follows that you (as the motorcyclist) may be held responsible for an accident if you fail to operate your bike safely or do so illegally. So, you may receive a fine for causing an accident while lane splitting, but the other vehicle may also be partly responsible for the accident.

As a motorcycle operator, you are most likely to be seriously hurt in a crash. If you were illegally lane splitting during your accident, that fact alone may diminish your chances of receiving the monetary damages you need to recover.

If you’ve been in a lane-splitting accident, consult with a qualified, professional, and experienced Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyer immediately.
In most cases, when a biker is in an accident, the other vehicle may be at fault. However, if you’re operating your bike illegally, your lawyer must, and will, work more aggressively to get you the money you need to recover and move on.

I’ve Had An Accident While Illegally Lane Splitting; What Should I Do?

Any motorcycle accident can inflict severe, possibly life-threatening, and life-long injury on the rider.

If this situation is complicated by the fact that you were illegally lane splitting, things could get even worse, and you may not be able to obtain the compensation you need and deserve.

If it’s a minor incident, but your motorcycle license is in jeopardy, a local, aggressive, and winning Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyer’s advice and guidance will be invaluable. So, fully know your rights under the Nevada statutes, and consult with your lawyer immediately. Depending on your situation, your love of riding or your health and future may depend on it.