Wrongful deaths can be a major burden to deal with in your life. Although death is a natural part of life, there is something about a wrongful death that can be hard for you to accept moving forward. Difficulty accepting a loved one’s death is a part of the grieving process. However, that feeling can extend long after your loved one has passed away. If you have suffered emotional or mental turmoil as a result of your loved one’s wrongful death, you may be entitled to receive compensation for emotional damages such as a loss of consortium, and a loss of enjoyment of life. These damages do not measure the economic impact the death of your loved one has had on you and your family but rather the emotional impact that their death has had on you. Give our law firm a call today at 702-425-8880 if your loved one has been killed due to the negligence of another party.

What is a Loss of Consortium?

Having your loved one suddenly taken from you due to the negligence of another person can be difficult to bear. Especially if the loved one taken from you was your spouse, you may be entitled to financial compensation due to a loss of consortium. A loss of consortium can be claimed as a damage if the absence of your spouse takes a toll on your emotional wellbeing. For example, you no longer have the physical or emotional affection you once had with your spouse. Being stripped of that may make you entitled to compensation in your wrongful death lawsuit.

How Much Compensation Can I Receive for Emotional Pain and Suffering?

On top of a loss of consortium, you can claim pain and suffering as a damage in your wrongful death claim. Pain and suffering is not measured by any practical scale so it is difficult to say just how much compensation you may receive if pain and suffering is successfully awarded for your case. However, we can advocate for you every step of the way to make sure you get the best results possible and you receive the justice you deserve.

Is Hiring a Wrongful Death Attorney the Best Way to Move Forward?

Hiring a wrongful death lawyer in Las Vegas can improve your chances of successfully receiving a fair settlement for non-economic damages you claim as part of your wrongful death lawsuit. Even though no amount of compensation will give you the joy your deceased loved one brought you, it can help you move forward with your life. Reach out to Precision Injury Law at 702-425-8880 to receive legal representation for your wrongful death case today.