The sidewalks of Las Vegas are busy, and there’s a lot to see. It’s easy to get distracted, and you could easily fall if sidewalks, or walkways, are not appropriately maintained.

However, suppose you, as a pedestrian, trip over a cracked or broken sidewalk or walkway and are injured. In that case, the legal responsibility commonly hinges on the status of the sidewalk in question, local Las Vegas laws, and the availability of specific defenses.

You must note that sidewalks, or walkways, may be public or private property. Public sidewalks are the most common type of pedestrian paths that separate personal property from adjacent public streets, etc.

Private sidewalks, or walkways, serve a similar purpose but are located only on private property, as in a private housing development.

So, whether public or private, the maintenance of any of these sidewalks varies from locality to locality and depends on who is responsible for their upkeep and maintenance. It follows that whoever is supposed to maintain a particular sidewalk or walkway and didn’t due to it could be held negligent and possibly be sued for medical bills, lost wages, and much more.

In Las Vegas and most of Nevada, walkways are typically owned by a property management association, private individuals, or businesses and, therefore, must be maintained by such. Commonly the City of Las Vegas’s only interest is that of “pedestrian access, and if the city doesn’t own the sidewalk, it cannot be held liable for the maintenance of the sidewalks nor sued for negligence if not maintained.

The Las Vegas Strip is incredibly busy, and there are typically around 37,000 cars in the area at any given time of day. The sidewalks are also constantly busy and see up to 41,000 people per hour during peak times. Most of the sidewalks are “pedestrian-friendly,” so many of this vibrant city’s guests enjoy a stroll and enjoy looking at the numerous attractions that the city has to offer.

So simply put, if you’re injured on a Las Vegas sidewalk, the first thing your local, experienced Las Vegas personal injury lawyer needs to do is find out exactly who owns the sidewalk you were injured on. Then, and only then, can you and your lawyer proceed to obtain the compensation you need and rightfully deserve.

Should I Walk or Use Other Transportation When Visiting Las Vegas?

If you’re a first-time visitor to Las Vegas and “The Strip,” walking is always a  great way to see the numerous attractions up close and personal. It’s also a lot more pleasant than speeding by in a taxi or car, and you can stop and spend time at the city’s gorgeous and awe-inspiring casinos, restaurants, and shops.

However, if you plan on walking “The Strip,” you must prepare yourself. It’s a vibrant and busy place, and you may not want to get around in high heels. Wear comfortable shoes and always be careful of obstacles, hazards, and other visitors.

However, if you walk, take a taxi or tram, or any other type of transportation, always remember that an accident can happen at any time. A slip & fall or vehicle crash can cause serious injuries that could affect your life forever.

When you’re hurt, time is always of the essence when seeking medical care after your accident. So, whether you’re a resident or tourist, you should be able to locate a hospital or doctor’s office as quickly as possible.

Most residents have doctors they see, but if you are a tourist, you should get checked out at an urgent care clinic or hospital emergency room if your injuries are more severe. Even from a slip & fall, you could have broken bones, breathing difficulties, heartbeat irregularities, or injuries to the head, neck, or back.

If you feel that the negligence of others contributed to your accident, then consult with a local, knowledgeable, and empathetic Las Vegas personal injury law firm. If negligence was involved, you could obtain needed financial help for your medical bills, recovery costs, lost wages, and much more.

Even If a Sidewalk Is Damaged or in Dis-Repair, Do I Need a Lawyer?

The simple answer is most likely, yes, you do.

Common slip and fall injuries may be minor, but many result in life-changing injuries.  You may lose weeks or months from work, be saddled by substantial medical expenses, or require ongoing medical care.

Slips & falls also result in dire injury that can require you to have medical help for the rest of your life.

Some of the most common types of slip & fall injuries are:

  • Head, neck & brain injuries – Slips and falls on almost all surfaces, such as the ground, curbs, counters, etc., can cause an impact hard enough for a concussion or, worse, a TBI.
  • Soft tissue injuries – Soft tissue injury may affect a tendon, muscle, ligament, fascia, skin, or other fibrous tissue.
  • Bruising and lacerations – Lacerations and bruising also have the potential to be minor but also quite severe in some circumstances.
  • Spinal cord injuries – As expected, spinal cord injuries can be profoundly serious, especially when severed or compressed (as in an impact injury from a nasty fall). 

Consult with a thorough and detailed Las Vegas slip & fall law team, and they will analyze all aspects of your case and help you obtain the financial help that you, and your family, need.

Can I Obtain Compensation If I Fell Due To an Uneven Sidewalk?

Suppose you slipped or tripped and fell on an uneven sidewalk, whether on public, private property, or Las Vegas city property. In that case, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses.

Whoever is responsible for maintaining the section of the sidewalk can still be considered negligent in their duty. The uneven sidewalk created a hazard and should have been repaired. Therefore the “owners” were negligent, and you can pursue payment for your resulting medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

Your local lawyer will be familiar with the local laws, statutes, and regulations pertaining to your case. Obtain professional legal advice as soon as possible.

I Have Been Injured On a Walkway in Las Vegas; How Should I Proceed?

First, get the medical help you need. Many falls on public or private walkways can cause severe injury, but the symptoms may not be immediately apparent. Take photos of the walkway, and document all you can, including all your medical records and evaluations.

Then, evaluate your case with the help of a winning, empathetic, and aggressive Las Vegas personal injury lawyer. They will fight to protect your rights and ensure you get the funds needed to recover physically and financially so you can move forward positively with your life.